Call for papers


Conference: Puppetry and Literature. About a Dramaturgy of the Imaginary


Dates: October 15th– 16th 2022

Place: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Organizers: Puck Puppet Theatre, Babeș-Bolyai University, Theatre and Film Faculty, Puck International Festival

Submission deadline: May 30th 2022



Beyond literature, there are inner forms of expression and representation in puppet and marionette theatre, where, unlike other theatrical genres we can find allegory, metaphor and imaginary in the field of scenic resources. Can puppet shows assume and handle tools of written or uttered text on the stage as means of an inner language?

Can we talk about a dramaturgy addressed to puppetry or just like a puppet (a liminal object between forms of scenic representations), the script of a puppet show is a common space for cultural archetypes, iconic characters, new media, and experimental space at the same time?


We invite papers on any of the following topics, but not exclusively:

  • Literary creation for puppetry
  • Traditional characters and their influence in different cultures
  • Specificity of writing for puppetry
  • Puppetry in literature
  • Fairy tales, myths and fantastic stories in puppetry
  • Poetry and puppetry
  • Major themes and ars poetica in animation theatre
  • Time and space in children’s literature
  • If I were a man: a marionette’s perspective
  • Animation techniques in relationship with specific texts and characters
  • New trends in puppetry performances
  • New media in puppetry


The conference will take place on site, but in case of pandemic restrictions, some of the international presentations could be streamed online on the conference platform. The presentations will be in English / Romanian / Hungarian with simutanneous translation and will last for 20 minutes.

Submissions and deadlines: The abstracs of max 500 words and the author’s biography should be send to and until May 30th 2022.

The papers will be published in a volume by the end of October, therefore the full texts should be send to the publisher no later than September 30th 2022.


Organizing committee: Daniela Vartic, Raluca Sas – Marinescu, Silvia Seușan, Kincső Szakács



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Raluca Sas – Marinescu –

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